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Brutal Deathgrind from NZ. - 96%

Jadgeschwader, November 10th, 2004

I bought this demo after I had just finished seeing "Forced to Submit" play a free gig at Real Groovy records. I was automatically blown away by their intensity and extremity as people and musicians. The drummer was amazing, the singer was violent, the guitarists were shooting out riffage but...I have to give it up to the bassist. He was playing a 6 string pass so furiously that me and my friends thought he was going to pass out. Anyway, after the gig, I bought the demo and got them to sign it. I took it home and listened to it and I was fucking impressed. The sheer noise of the tracks "You Will Bleed" and "Endless Hatred" made me want to jump around my room and smash my stereo in. This is some extreme music, not for the faint hearted. The only words you can hear are at the start of the track "You Will Bleed" (after the shotgun has finished firing and killing people)...I don't really know what Rhys says, I think it's "Fuck the warning, this isn't a warning, this is a fucking threat" or something. Anywho. All in all, this is a fantastic demo from the Grindcore machine which is Forced to Submit. I really do hope they find a record label soon. (PS: I especially love it how the demo is labelled on copied CD's...Mitsubishi Chemical Corp. 700-R, haha)