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heavy as shit - 81%

ironasinmaiden, January 29th, 2003

The first thing that strikes me about Forbidden's swansong (?) is how amazingly stupid the song titles are. KANAWORMS? Noncent$? PHAT? If this is an in joke... uhh yeah... Just really stupid. This sounds nothing like Forbidden's first two (and classic) thrashterpieces... in fact Green hardly rates as thrash at all. The focus is on bludgeoningly heavy riffs ala Pantera, Pissing Razors, Machine head, etc., but much more intense. Imagine if Pantera had decent production and less guitar solos.

After a horrible and pointless opening track, the onslaught begins with "Green", a driving, machinehead influenced song (ironic since robb flynn founded Forbidden), and roars along until "blank", another pointless, awful track that kills any momentum. Russ Anderson trades his wailing falsetto for an Anselmo-esque snarl. This sucks, since Russ can sing really well. I guess Forbidden had some bills to pay.

If you have heard Testament's Demonic and Low, Green is along those lines. However, the guitar tone is absolutely face crushing... like the kind of production that makes you sit up and go "HOLY SHIT". Totally heavy, maybe a little industrial tinged... if you like modern thrash at all, and have nothing against breakdowns, you'll dig it. Thrash purists beware.