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Not bad - 79%

The_Tr00_Dudeguy, February 18th, 2003

The first word that comes to mind is: HEAVY! This album will instantly remind you of Pantera's "Vulgar Display Of Power" and former guitarist and original band founder, Robb Flynn's band Machine Head (in their early years of course). Unfortunately, the album opens with the practically worthless "What Is the Last Time?" and continues into suckdom with the yawn inducing title track. The tempo finally pick up with the stupidly titled but pretty cool "pHat". By now you'll have probably realised how different this album is from the early days of "Forbidden Evil" and "Twisted Into Form", especially in the vocal and riff department, as Russ Anderson leans more towards Phil Anselmo shouting and the riffs are total Pantera worship. Anyway, "Turns To Rage" is a slow but still brutal track highlighting Russ' new vocal style and the Machine Head groove riffs. "Face Down Heroes" is a very predictale but still decent Half-Thrash track which picks up along the way. However, it does lead into the insanely heavy and up-tempo "Over The Middle" which will certainly feed your need for faster material. Things sway back into mediocrity with two of the weakest filler tracks in the history of Forbidden's career, "Kanaworms" and "Noncent$". Total dogshit. The surprisingly melodic "Blank" and the great track closer kinda redeem them, though. Even though its dotted with some pretty fucking weak filler tracks and there are hardly any Tr00 Thrash songs to be found, Russ' new vocal style and the crushingly heavy riffs will keep you banging your head. And now, the individual intruments:

Vocals: Don't expect any of Russ' excellent falsettos on this one, expect an awesome Anselmo imitation instead! His new vocals match the guitar tone perfectly.

Guitars: Craig Locicero and Tim Calvert sound pretty good overall. The guitar tone KILLS but there are a LOT of dumbfuck Pantera reject riffs in here.

Bass: Meh. The bass here is barely audible but when you can hear it, you will really appreciate it. This guy's a pretty decent bassist but he's nothing special.

Drums: Clear, fast and techinical. Steve Jacobs is just as furious behind the kit as Paul Bastoph. Too bad, they don't have enough up-tempo tracks.

While not an essential album (the filler blows), this one is a fine release and isn't a bad exit for one of the greatest Bay Area bands of all time. I highly recommend it for all Groove Metal/Half Thrash junkies. Just don't buy it if you expect anything in the vein of their older albums.