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Forbidden Crap - 45%

PowerMetalGuardian, June 16th, 2004

No! What is this? Forbidden totally kicked my ass with their technical thrash riffs. Now it has reached the 1990's, where thrash metal, and most typical types of metal are pushed to the underground. So most metal bands either stay with there roots or try to compensate...and unfortunately change.

I have to agree profoundly with the other two reviews for this album, this is a very heavy album. It is heavy because of the low tuned guitar (I mean very low tuned) and awesome heavy bass playing. Actually there are two things I like about this album. The bass is awesome, it just pounds out the notes and takes control where the guitar should in some parts. The other thing I enjoy about this album is the drums. There are a lot of cool rhythms and drum fills. The guitars just play simple rhythm patterns, nothing special. Vocals do sound kind of like a Phil from Pantera, but Pantera is better than this. The vocals are just forced out -there is no neatness, just sloppy, like the guitar riffs. And what is up with all those distorted vocals? This is what you would see in nu-metal!

Forbidden has taken a very low step in making music like this. I am not for sure if this is what Machine Head sounds like, but if it does then I assure that Machine Head sucks as well. Even the name of the songs show how low this album can get! Phat? What the hell. I guess this is a sign of things to come. Honestly there is no stick out song that makes this album worth getting. The best way to describe it would probably be Machine Head. I will describe it as a blend between Pantera, Korn, and The Union Underground. Sorry guys, but if you love Forbidden Evil and Twisted Into Form...well stay away. Actually if you're not into the new metal stuff, then stay away as well. I don't care how heavy the album can sound. Sloppy riffs and vocals, stupid annoying sound effects, and a bridge between metal and nu-metal is just not getting the job done.