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Green with a grin - 91%

Defiler, August 21st, 2004

This album is exactly the good example of 80's speed metal understanding fashion and moving on with their lives. All the 2nd wave thrash metal was very good - and still is - but ya know - after the coming of the 3rd wave and the 4th and others - bands like Testament and Death angel felt bored with their style. They didn't invent anything like Metallica of Anthrax did - and they weren't the latest thing after the rising of bands like Forced Entry or Agent steel. So you got some pissed off bands, and with the coming of the 90's and the seattle flash trends of lousy grunge music - All those bands were disposed from their major labels.
So Forbidden tried a new approach. After the rise of Pantera and Machine head the understand their is a new trend in town. Robb Flyn taught them well how to fit into the new style I guese - and after the release of the magnetic "Distortion" - "Green" came out. We're talking about 1997 I think - Pantera's higher days are over and Machine head are trumbling toward Nu-metal stuff after the release of the harsh "The more things change..."
So it's even quite out-dated for the new approach of that post-thrash kinda-thing.

Yet you got some really cool music in this album.

The vocals rule supreme - Andresson was one of the top vocalist of all time in my opinion - and a great preformer as well. He's like a deadly mutation of Rob Halford with Tom Araya. He got the range, he got the attitude, he got the venomous shouts - He's close to perfect for a speed metal band - but he lacks the harsh-hardcore-oriented vocals for a post-thrash band... maybe that what makes this album so neat and good beyond the regular approach to the genre.

the guitar playing is tight as hell - and the solos are over the top. Without any doubt that the playing of Tom in this album is what draws Nevermore to hire him in Dreaming Neon Black. He got the right style for it. the drumming of mister Paul are accurate and pouching.

In conclusion - for a speed metal band - this album kick major ass in this foreign genre. Post-thrash can deliver. Even delivrer.