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I cannot tell you it's....Forbidden. - 75%

sAlex, October 27th, 2007

With the Internet dominating the music scene nowadays, people are able to get a hold of many things they could have probably never seen or hear elsewhere. One of the zillion examples is this fine piece of Forbidden's discography - ''Disillusions''.

Released in 1992 (if the sources are correct), this demo sets us in the period after the release of their milestone album ''Twisted into form'' and more noticably, 2 years before the release of the criticized ''Distortion''. While only the title track is the actual unheard song on this demo, the other two ''Hypnotized by the rhythm'' and ''Mind's I'' nicely refresh the image of the already known studio versions from ''Distortion'' album.
Demo starts off with a short intro of two men talking about some forbidden dark matters (taken from some movie sequence which I simply cannot remember which) and pretty soon Disillusions rolls in. Now, I can't imagine what kind of factor could prevent them from putting this on ''Distortion'', but this could have been a total killer. This is nice, a bit groovy mid-paced thrash with an absolute instant hit refrain. A real shame they avoided this song later on 'cause it would have been nice to hear it with better production and I'm sure it would definitely go straight into the ''winner category'' with the other ass-kicking songs from Forbidden's repertoire.
The next one, ''Hypnotized by the rhythm'' also belongs into that same category. It sounds pretty much the same than it does on the album, it's a little slower perhaps and vocals are a bit different in the chorus but that's about the only real audible change I can hear (except the production of course).

''Mind's I'' however, is not so identical to the version featured on the album. The song structure itself is changed a bit but nothing drastical though. The album version lacks a faster verse part before the first refrain and this take here is a bit slower, but the catch is again in vocal lines. Some lines are sung softer, compared to the rawer approach Russ was trying to achieve on the album version. The main difference I really stumbled upon was the after chorus section: ''The trip begins again...'' Melody is the same, but scales are different, with this one being sung much higher than the one you hear on ''Distortion''. It's not much, but I really find it amazing how the whole thing gets a whole new feel to it, especially on the album where it's sung just a few scales lower than it is here on the demo. The whole thing closes again with the two men, featured in the intro, and we're through all of the 15 min this demo.

Besides Forbidden's four albums, ''Trapped'' and ''Disillusions'' demos are also becoming fans' obligatory material. While this one only has one new song to offer, ''Trapped'' contains more previously unreleased songs, so in conclusion - both are a must!