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Gore for the Metal Creatures - 100%

abominus666, April 16th, 2008

I hold "Blood and Popcorn" very high! It's short but blatantly sweet, making it (to me) 2007's "Reign in Blood", With even the once mighty Cannibal Corpse now sounding like every other generic post high school death metal band, it's a breath of fresh air when a band like Fondlecorpse, can actually create catchy tunes and rhythm while maintaining a feeling of disgusting mutilations and horrendous death!

"Blood and Popcorn" starts off with "Twice the Hate, Twice the Carnage", a twisted tale of the Goregnome and Krite (Fondlecorpse's Mascots) going ballistic at a Sorority House during a Full Moon. The album continues on with "Feral Mutant Attack", an almost "What if" to the Hills Have Eyes movie, depicting the cannibal family winning over the poor suburban family. The next two songs are my personal favorite's. "Halloween, the Night he came Home", an obvious homage to the tale of Michael Myers, and "What's in the Basket?", spinning the cult tale of Dwayne and Belial (of Basket Case fame). These two songs, to me, show off, not only Sly Koorevaar's great lyric writing and vocals, but display's Bas Brussaard, Mathijs Brussard, and Paul Beltman's amazing musical talent, and abilites to sound unique during a time of rehashings!

The final song (track five...), is entitled "Chopping Mall", and is based on the killer security bots from the movie of the same name. And just like "What's in the Basket", shows how well Fondlecorpse combines audio samples of cult horror flicks and assaulting death metal. And although "Blood and Popcorn" only has 5 tracks, the CD has yet to leave my carrying case. To some up everything. Fondlecorpse has deep death metal growls to go with it's horrific lyrics and imagery, while having catchy and hypnotic bass and guitar work and pounding drums. A must have for death heads who are tired of being scammed by run of the mill bands. And hey, it's only 8 bucks. With the musical ability of these guys, 8 dollars is a steal.

Fondlecorpse IS death metal! No questions about it! If you don't get this album, it's probably because you're too busy getting wet to utter crap like Trivium.