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Very nice - 77%

BurntOffering, January 28th, 2007

Folkvang, may not be very well known, but they are quite good. There are some beautiful melodies here. They play in a Burzum like fashion. The vocals are very competently done, sounding like those of Nocturno Culto. Most of it is midpaced, but there is a very nice atmosphere here. Melancholic, but with a slightly different flavor to it. The production is pretty decent; similar to a Filosefem with less fuzz and more bass. As I've said it's easy to compare to Burzum, but don't think they are a ripoff. They even have a cover of Dunkelheit on here, which is quite well done. All of the songs are quite good, and each have their own charm. There's a bit of early Ulver sound in here as well, but as I said they don't not ripoff any one band. All of the songs are quite cleanly played, not sloppy. My only complain is that for atmosphere they use the sound of some birds that are obviously fake, probably MIDI. Other than that, this is quite good black metal. I'd recommend it to fans of Burzum, Ulver and Darkthrone.