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A New Beginning - 75%

Homer_Nava, March 24th, 2013

Without a doubt, Foeticide has already the status of being one of the best Mexican death metal bands because of their antiquity and with the intensity they have worked with and all developed death metal through the years. The End of the Beginning was their third and last demo (in fact, this is a demo tape) and the band released three albums since then.

This tape is very interesting to me for two reasons: 1. the demo is totally created by Miguel Angeles, meaning all the instruments and vocals were created by one person, and 2. this demo imposes the musical and conceptual maturity of this musician. Here marks the other Foeticide era. This recording is arranged into melodic death metal. Technical and well-crafted, there are seven tracks where in approximately 45 minutes Miguel shows a big effort by putting himself into this release. It is well done and I see that every detail was well treated.

Both guitars are carefully elaborated upon and the riffs of the rhythm guitar are well supported by solos without losing the essence of melodic death metal. In fact, the solos are abundant, fast, and hard for the velocity they have. A lot of memorable parts within these tracks last an average of six minutes and there are some keyboard parts which are there only as a kind of background supporting the song structures.

In the days past, Foeticide had its own sound and was well-polished like the characteristic sound of the '90s that now reminds me of bands like Dismember, Death, and At The Gates. I mean, there were not many bands like Foeticide playing like this. The last track is a cover of W.A.S.P.'s L.O.V.E. Machine in a death metal version (I remember this band as one of my favorites at the end of '80s). About my favorite tracks, Hidden From the Inner Solitude and The End of the Beginning are songs in the doom metal style.

11 years ago I got this demo for review and finally I did it. Foeticide has been part of Embriotomia 'zine since the beginning!