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Fluisterwoud - Langs Galg en Rad - 85%

Nocturnwinter, October 17th, 2005

The first full-length album is a big improvement on their demo 'Een Sinister Schouwspel'. The music itself wasn't bad, but I was slightly irritated by the vocals, which were more like whispering (fitting, because Fluisterwoud means 'Whisperwood').

After the intro, the first track 'Een Sinister Schouwspel' rages and establishes the tone for the entire album. This album is raw, fast and brutal; they don't sound like a simple Darkthrone clone, though Darkthrone influences are clearly present (which isn't a surprise really). All lyrics are in Dutch, at least a beacon of difference in the masses of Black-Metal-bands-with-standard-english-lyrics.

The guitars are brutal (listen to 'Hoer van de Zeven Hemelen'), the drums are fast and furious and the production is quite decent. Sagelinge's vocals are sick and digusting. All ingredients for a dirty Black Metal band. Lyrical themes are Death, the fall of christianity, and a notorious group of 18th century bandits, known as the 'Bokkenrijders' (= Goatriders), who were rumoured to be satanic raiders who rode goats through the skies of the southern Netherlands.

Standout tracks are 'Hoer van de Zeven Hemelen' (=Whore of the Seven Heavens) and 'Langs Galg en Rad' (a Dutch proverb).