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Solid album but no Jade..... - 75%

WitheringToSerenity, March 26th, 2004

Yet another departure from their breakthrough Jade. Razorbliss features a new vocalist Helen Vogt which doesn't turn out to be a disappointment because the female vocals on the album are typically well done. One reason for this is because Vogt and recently departed Stefanie Duchene use similar vocal styles. Vocal melodies are great but the music on this album is rather disappointing. It was still great although the new overdriven distortion guitar stylings lack the atmospheric beauty of their previous guitar harmonies(ala sistersun). They have pretty well abandoned their old guitar harmonies in favor of a more generic, heavier guitar(sound) approach which has been heard countless times before and essentially ruins the ethereal atmosphere they once had. The inclusion of guitar solo's is a strength but its direction like the album in general seems to be bringing this group in a more mainstream direction.

Pretty well each track on this album is well done although you aren't bound to find many standouts. Title track is great but quite a generic opening but it picks up and gets great. Fortunately that lessens within the album. Virago is one of my personal favorites, with pretty good rhythm, nice keyboard touch on the intro. The vocals are what put this and most of the album over the top, the varied vocal style on the chorus I enjoyed. Believe includes male vocals that are screamed but not that heavy almost with a typical mainstream chorus almost solidifying their new direction. Ballad of a Lonely God is a great ballad and contains the most memorable chorus on the entire album. Awesome keyboards, atmosphere and one of the better guitar solo's on the album as well. Top track. Bottom Line? If you are into quality female fronted rock-metal bands you should give this album a shot(although you should start with Jade). Fans of Jade who disliked Serpentine will most likely not find any comfort with this album. Wouldn't highly recommend because there are better albums in the genre but its still a great listen. Favorites : Title Track, Virago, Ballad of a Lonely God, Unspoken