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I'm in Razorbliss... - 80%

Rasputen, April 18th, 2004

What do you get when you grab Stefan Gemballa by the nuts and tell him to crank it the fuck up already?

Well, he cranks it up!

Teeming with passion, Flowing Tears' follow-up to "Serpentine" is very solid indeed. While Serpentine did tend to drag on in parts, these states of boredom are eliminated on the newest release. Much more guitar driven, this album features much more solid riffing throughout. The rhythm section also exhibits more variability, as one will hear more varied drum patterns. Helen Vogt is a competent vocalist, but it is irritating that she can do no better than simply mimic Stefanie Duchene's style (and Duchene did it BETTER!). Nonetheless, she is adequate, and wails like a siren. Razorbliss will indeed move Flowing Tears towards the forefront of melancholic gothic metal, as they have perfected the art. Nothing horribly innovative or mind-blowing, but any fan of this style should be satisfied with "Razorbliss."