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Second classic in a row! - 95%

morbert, September 12th, 2007

Most notable difference with their earlier debut album ‘Doomsday for the Deceiver’ is the fact that the speed metal / thrash metal balance has shifted slightly with thrash metal taking the upper hand. This is mostly riff wise by the way. Vocally Erik A.K. remains an aggressive speed metal singer and there is still a lot of melody to be found on ‘No Place for Disgrace’. As far as I remember there were only three on ‘No Place…’ songs co-written by Newsted before he left and the band clearly had no trouble writing 7 new excellent tunes as well.

Opening title track is the best song. Apart from the very thrashy up tempo verses and the catchy powerful chorus, including strong backing vocals, the song has a great intro melody and a very laid back melodic middle section with nice vocal lines, clean guitars, followed by a beautiful solo. ‘Dreams Of Death’ is a little rougher, but still has so many good riffs and is easily catchy enough (especially the ‘wake Up’ pre-chorus) to uphold the level of quality.

Another highlight is the lengthy power ballad ‘Escape from Within’. A very dynamic song that slowly builds up, rages at times and has some very good leads and licks. The Elton John cover ‘Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting’ is surprisingly good and for some reason doesn’t feel odd. Of course it IS different. It’s very heavy rock ‘n roll.

‘I Live You die’ is a familiar old demo track. I still love that ultimate thrash metal break after the solo with Erik shouting ‘I live….. you DIEEEE’. Glad they re-recorded this great song. Last but not least worth mentioning individually is ‘Misguided Fortune’ which has a great mid paced intro with an extremely enjoyable squeaky riff. The chorus is very thrash metal (group vocals shouting the title) and catchy in the vein of the song Fade To Black (Doomsday for The Deceiver). The song has a clean middle section which is heavily inspired by Maiden’s Powerslave.

Ohw, I should also mention the superb riff in P.A.A.B. which starts at 1:10 minutes. The middle section of this song however is too stretched therefore it’s one of my less favourite tunes here. I cannot imagine my thrash metal collection without ‘No Place for Disgrace’. Possession of this album is mandatory.

Classics: ‘No Place for Disgrace, ‘Dreams of Death’, ‘Escape From Within, ‘I Live You Die’ and ‘Misguided Fortune’