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Go Flots! - 94%

cyclone, September 13th, 2004

Flotsam And Jetsam were, along with some other Bay Area thrash acts, a relatively underrated band. Mostly known for Jason Newsted who was their driving force before he went to Metallica, this band also had great music. Nice catchy thrash, great lyrics (check out N.E. Terror, one of the best thrash lyrics out there), very good vocal performance from Eric A.K... He can really sing! He's good at slow, mellow parts and awesome at menacing thrashing. Nice solos, good druming, some original riffs... So, what else could you want?

There really isn't much off cuts on this one. Maybe The Jones isn't as good as the rest of the album... Then there are some good songs like Escape From Within, which starts off a bit slower, but then at about 3 minutes really gets going. Saturday Night Is Alright for Fighting is an Elton John cover and it's executed quite well, Hard On You has got an interesting intro and pre-chorus, Misguided Fortune is a typical Flots' thrasher and P.A.A.B. has a very cool intro and then turns into a pretty cool song. And this is not all. What I have left out are 4 songs which are one of the best I've ever heard. Here they are:

The album starter is No Place For Disgrace. Is it great or what?! An AWESOME intro riff which melts into some good thrashing afterwards. Disgrace is to fight!!! Some great Eric's screams on this one... The song also has that typical Flotsam softer part at about 3 minutes which works really good.

Dreams Of Death is the second song up here. The intro riff is a fucking winnar. One of the best. Ever. No, really, that riff totally kicks ass. Great verse, great chorus, nice solo. Really cool song.

N.E. Terror. This is the best up here. You have to be pretty damn good, to top Dreams Of Death and the title song... And N.E. Terror really is. One of the top 5 verse parts of all time is in this song. As I already said, lyrics are totally lethal. See it for yourself. There are also some really cool bass lines on here.

I Live You Die is a nice thrash song it has a great chorus.

So, this is an essential for all thrash lovers, but I also recommend it to those, who have just started to get into it. It is not that brutal but it still features some awesome riffs and breaknecking speed. An exeptional record, really.