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Their Statement that bears no Disgrace - 89%

Demon_of_the_Fall, November 25th, 2003

At first I can't say that i really enjoyed this album, mainly because I wasn't accustomed to a hell of alot of speed/thrash metal. But after awhile this one surely grew on me. Along with Doomsday, No place for Disgrace is a Flotsam and Jetsam classic and Fan favourite in all regards. This attains all the elements that made Doomsday good, and just takes them to a more aggressive level. Phisically speaking this album belongs alongside such albums as Peace Sells, and The New Order, but just isn't recognized by the public. I think that for me is the biggest mind bender - that they havn't really had such a successful career. Always money problems for this talented group of individuals who refused to conform to the norm of metal. For that they have my eternal devotion as a fan and respect speaking as a musician myself. No Place the title track has one of the best riffs ever written. What riff am i speaking of you say? The clean riff in the mid section of the song, just bloody brilliant if i do say so myself. Troy Gregory lends his bass playing abilities on this album and does a fine job filling Newsteads shoes. As you can see in the inner booklet of No Place Newstead contributed writing credits on a number of tracks. Newstead should have stayed with Flotsam for Doomsday showed that he was easily the leader and one of the main attributes that made flotsam what they are.

Dreams of Death is a song that i can never get of out my head, as with N.E Terror, these are landmark tracks that stand the test of time. They even cover Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting by Elton John which is something im sure all of you will get a kick out of. No actually they do quite a good version, no joke. Escape from Within starts of with a clean intro that reminds me of someone waking up from a deep dark dream. The song is almost Epic in its nature but has that doomy edge to it's strike. All of the tracks are well worth a mention or too on here so i won't go to in depth on any of them. I just give you a brief description on what the album is about, and im pretty sure i already gave most of you a pretty good explanation. Basically if you like any of the other Flotsam albums (especially Doomsday or When the Storm Comes down) your going to fucking love this one. If you like Thrash, the same goes with that, you should most likely enjoy the shit out of this boozer party album. There's nothing cleaner or funner than listening to Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting while getting extremely hammered. No Place for Disgrace is a bold statement from Flotsam and Jetsam and you all owe it to yourself to pick it up.

Best Tracks: No Place for Disgrace, Dreams of Death, N.E Terror, Escape from Within, Hard on You, I Live You Die, Misguided Fortune, The Jones