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Yet One Of My Favourite Ones in Thrash - 96%

CHRISTI_NS_ANITY8, February 2nd, 2008

This is one of the very first thrash metal CDs I bought after having heard “Dreams Of Death” song on the mighty Stars On Thrash compilation(1988). I immediately loved this group and at the time I was just 14 years old. Several years have passed but the love I feel for this beautiful album has never gone away and always reminds me beautiful times.

Hearing the melodic break in the title track or the melodic solos is a thing that’s yet stuck in my heart. The riffs are always fast but with a very personal touch, especially in the distortion. Unique. The vocals are yet immature but, in my opinion, perfect for the genre and none can complain about the singer's skills…to me he was one of the best voices at the time in thrash. The chorus in “Dreams Of Death” are great and the tempos were always catchy and fast.

The technique level is always very high for each player in this group and the speed of execution makes difficult parts seem so easy…the palm muting guitar riffs are compact and precise, along with excellent fast/technical solos. The beginning of “N.E. Terror” is truly fast with lots of stop’n’go and tempo changes always at the speed of light. Dynamic. With the melodic arpeggio to “Escape From Within” I think we reach the top in songwriting. It's awesome in its sad feeling…this is the classic song that more or less every thrash metal album featured at the time: melodic intro, then fast guitars, again melody and then fast riffs with lots of solos.

The atmosphere has become more introspective but with the cover “Saturday Night’s Alright For Fighting” the tempos and the melodies are “happier” and again typical thrash. One of the best covers ever. The intro part to “Hard On You” is one of the gloomiest here with the always pounding bass sound and vocals at their best.
After a more mid paced song, now it’s time for a thrash attack with “I Live You Die” (the title explains everything…). “Misguided Fortune” is again awesome in speed during the refrain: punkish up tempo followed by fast bass kicks.

To end this AWESOME thrash metal album we have got the head crush of “P.A.A.B.” and the strange, instrumental “The Jones” with an extremely catchy main riff. This is one of the most overlooked masterpieces of the thrash metal genre, a thrash made of technique, passion and great music. Get it, along with Doomsday For The Deceiver. Two masterpieces in a row!!