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Sheer power. - 90%

Static, December 10th, 2005

Someone stupidly I must admit, I stayed away from even hearing Flotsam & Jetsam for a while because of their name, and their 'status' as a relatively obscure starting point for a bassist I didn't even like much based on what I'd heard from him (Jason Newsted). Their name struck me as kinda silly for a thrash metal band and that turned me off checking them out.

But dammit, I was missing out. Their music is fucking explosive. From the moment you put on this album and 'Hammerhead' comes flying at you, the riffs throw you about and Jason's incredible bassline makes you realize why it was that Metallica chose this guy (though he was a waste in that band). Eric A.K's somewhat shrill but powerful vocals come in momentarily, and the thash is strong, consistent and goddamned powerful. They knew what they were doing.

'Iron Tears' follows up strongly too, but is a lesser track, and 'Desecrator' picks up the energy with more powerful riffs and driving playing.

And as it turns out this band has it's own 'Fade To Black', but it's a lot different than Metallica's ballad. This one is a short burst of energy, with a shouting chorus. Next up is the bands finest track, the title one 'Doomsday For The Deceiver'. What a beautiful intro, it's just gorgeous. Swirling acoustic guitars are accompanied by dancing harmonized guitars, slowly building it's way up to a huge explosion of riffs that catches your attention for a further 7 minutes. A triumph.

The rest of the album continues in the same manner as such songs as 'Iron Tears' and 'Fade To Black', with the truly notable exception of the EPIC 'Metalshock'. It clocks in a little shorter than the title track but wields an epic build-up before another burst of power and some crazy bass playing later in the song.

The album is solid through and through with nary a weak-point. 'She Took An Axe', 'U.L.S.W', 'Der Fuhrer', 'Flotzilla'. Each and every one a great song in its own right. I mean jesus, 'Flotzilla' floors you completely, with its hammering riffage, then intricate interplay and dancing of guitars. It's a brilliant instrumental. And Flotsam would continue this little streak of quality with a whole 'nother album of fantastic songs in 'No Place For Disgrace'.

Flotsam & Jetsam, silly name aside, were one of the greatest and most focused and incendiary thrash metal bands. Sure, they aren't Kreator or Sodom in the aggressiveness stakes, but they make up for any of that with a consistency of song-writing and speed, which makes 'Doomsday For The Deceiver' a stunning album overall, through and through.