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One of the best Thrashers - 83%

Demon_of_the_Fall, November 25th, 2003

Flotsam and Jetsam's debut album with Jason Newstead (Of Metallica and Ozzy fame nowdays) is one of the best thrash metal albums of all time. The production for 1986 is seemingly pretty fucking lethal as well. Eric A.K has an extremely high pitched voice on this album in comparison to their later releases, although he still attains a very unique voice. Eric is one of the best in the metal land and the whole band desveres alot more credit than they have had. Ed Carlson and Michael Gilbert are two of the most underrated guitarists around as they plant the seeds of Metal into your veins with every stroke of their strings. Doomsday is easily their thrashiest album, and has alot of catchy riffery and cool changes. The bass lines are very inspiring to say the least, and are very audible in the mix which is a nice thing for an 80's metal album. This is a classic album in every essence, and the only thing that really comes close to the sound of this album is No Place for Disgrace. Although some fans were disappointed with their 90's releases, I'm a fan of both era's, but opting more towards their 90's material.

There are some real clean flashy guitar solos on here as well with plenty of room for improvisation. Doomsday is that sort of album when your in need of a good wake up call. It is very energetic and speedy, yet also has tempo changes, which is something Slayer is very guilty of not having. Too bad people havn't heard Flotsam because i believe if they got abit more media attention they would have broke it big or atleast bigger than they were. Hammerhead breaks the albums seal right away, and is fast and furious until the very last note were Eric yells Hammerhead. The drumming is also pretty good in some aspects, i must say he can sure keep a good beat. Sometimes less is more, but Kelly Smith does everything right. If i was to pick 3 fave tracks on this album it would be Fade to Black (no not Metallica), Doomsday for the Deciever, and Metalshock. But naming just a few tracks that i love does not do this album justice. This entire collection of songs spells a masterpeice. Dust shall never cover this cd in my cd adobe. Most Flots fans think this is their best album easily, and I can understand why, this is pure thrash metal in its raw intelligent form. Every song on here was well thought out, and not rushed to any extent. The interesting lyrics are also worth investigating if one has the time to do so. Being released right in the Thrash hay days Flotsam got lost in the crowd of Megadeth's, Testament's and Metallica's and although unfortunate, i have even more respect for them for carrying on after thrash was presumed dead and Newstead left. Doomsday fucking rules and theres nothing more one can say.

Flots Out
Best Tracks: Hammerhead, Desecrator, Fade to Black, Doomsday, Metalshock, She Took an Axe, Flotzilla