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Forgotten Classic - 92%

BurntOffering, June 11th, 2005

For some reason the only reason the album is remembered is the fact that Jason Newsted played on this album, which is quite sad because this music is pretty much ignored. Released in that special year that we all know was THE thrash year, 1986. This is quite an album, for the most part it's speed metal, but will throw a thrash riff at you here and there.

The album opens up right away with a speedy number entitled "Hammerhead" and right away you'll notice the production value is strange. The bass is very loud, not unlike Iron Maiden, but this just shows us all the great basslines that Newsted serves us in this album. "Iron Tears" is a decent track, it's good but not up to par with the rest of the album. Desecrator is next and this one is some crazy speed/thrash and is one of those catchy tunes that will get stuck in your head. The Lead guitar is really nice on this song, also many nice drum fills. Next is "Fade to Black", this isn't Ride the's better. More nice lead guitar, a catchy chorus and vocal delivery make this one a winner. I must also mention that Eric A.K. it one hell of a singer and can hit some very impressive high notes.

Next is where the album starts going "epic" on us. The very epic title track, which showcases a nice acoustic intro with some nice lead guitar. When this really kicks in we get RIFFAGE of the highest caliber, also some more great vocal delivery with nice lyrics. You have to love that chorus, "DOOMSDAY!". Some more nice lead guitar work here, and impressive harmonies similiar to Iron Maiden. This song goes on for 9 minutes without becoming boring, because it's such a riff monster. The next epic song "Metalshock" clocks in at a bit over 8 minutes. It starts off a bit slow and then out of nowhere it picks up the speed and owns you, making this the fastest song on the album. It slows down a bit half way through for a "mosh riff", nice solo, another Iron Maiden-ish harmony, and a fucking monster bass solo that proves Metallica didn't use Newsted's talent or writing abitlities, considering he wrote almost every song on this album!. The guitars come in and throw more riffage and a solo at you before going back to it's insane speed.

"She took an Axe" is some classic speed metal. Listen to that awesome guitar harmony at :46, that riff keeps coming back and it's not one that'll you be bored of. This is probably the catchiest song on here."U.L.S.W." is next, and this is the weakest song on here, it's just boring, not even really catchy, so I will say no more about it. "Der Fuhrer" starts us off again with a clean intro with a solo, but this one is much shorter than the previous one tht was in the title track. Then....Thrash! There's some nice lyrics in here about World War II and yet another catchy vocal delivery. This also has the best chorus in the album, "ZIEG HEIL! ALL HAIL! ZIEG HEIL!". Throw in a nice solo and you've got yourself another winner. Last, but definatley not least and Instrumental entitled "Flotzilla" very catchy with harmonies everywhere, more classic speed metal and it makes almost every other instrumental I've heard sound boring as hell.

Great album if you like catchy speed metal with hints of thrash (and who dosen't?).Very Mermorable. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED