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Stoner Pop? - 85%

xThe__Wizard, May 1st, 2013

Floor is a very interesting band. Take your typical stoner/doom band. Lyrics are usually weed related or influenced, songs have an emphasis on the groove/atmosphere and they play at a slow pace. Usually down tuned guitars and bass with an emphasis on the low end. Songs can meander on, with riffs being repeated many times. Now take pop music. Usually upbeat, chock full of peppy melodies and clean singing. Songs usually around 3 minutes. Lyrics usually about love and partying among other things. Now combine them. Strange? Not as strange as you would think (if you like that kind of stuff that is). Short songs, heavy down tuned guitars, clean vocal melodies, groovy riffs. Its the perfect combination for a person (like me) who likes strange combinations

If I was to compare Floor to a single band however it would be Melvins. The influence is uncanny but mostly because of the guitar tone and off kilter drumming reminiscent of Dale Crover. Unlike the Melvins the songs are not all over the place and the songs are more refined. The first 20 seconds of this album pretty much sums up most of the guitar riffs. Droning downtuned riffs that are heavy but clean. The drums are very laid back and are not all over the place. The bass blends in with the mix and the vocals create melodies on top of the droning sounds underneath. With songs lengths around 2 and a half minutes a song, it goes by quickly without dragging on and the songs have a good amount of variation to keep the listener interested.

Songs differ from upbeat songs that last a minute long to an hypnotic mellow groove. Songs like Twink, Kallisti-Song for Eris and Ein (Below and Beyond) are showcase the bands vocal harmonies as well as the happy sounding jams they can make. Songs like Iron Girls, Scimiter and Night Full of Knicks show how incredibly heavy this band can be while still retaining that sing along pop sound. They also experiment with some noise on various songs which adds a bit of variation. The album clocks in at around half and hour and that is the perfect length. If there were two more songs I probably wouldn't like it as much because as great as this is it starts to become a tad bit repetitive but it ends before it becomes annoying/a chore to listen to.

If you like stoner or doom metal or enjoy Melvins you should check this out. They recently got back together and are recording a new album so go see them on tour or check out Torche the band they started after this.