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Fleshpress / dot(.) - dot(.) / Fleshpress

Absurdly Heavy - 75%

WinterBliss, March 18th, 2009

Having never heard Dot(.) before this served as quite a good introduction. Similar snail speed sludge like Fleshpress, but the use of more bluesy and less harsh riffs suggest to me a bit more of a stoner metal vibe is the norm of Dot(.).

Their side of the split starts off with a nice groove and an ungodly amount of distortion and feedback. For the most part the song revolves around 2 or so satisfying and heavy riffs, beyond that there's death metal vocals which make there appearances throughout the dirge. A good track, solid sludge with death metal vocals, nothing else really.

Being Fleshpress' third release we see them retaining the more typical sludge sound. The split transitions nicely, as Fleshpress' effort picks up with a nice bluesy riff as well. After about forty seconds of a mid-paced sludge groove, the song digresses into the slow quarter note sections that have become a main-stay in Fleshpress' arsenal. Ever changing drumming, fun little vibratos, and solid vocals (more akin to black metal) keep this interesting and enjoyable until a pretty rad solo breaks out around 2:30. The song jumps back from a little break of just feedback to the same 'ol groove. Good stuff, a lot more interesting and involved then Dot(.)'s portion. It's nice to see a bit more attention given to solos ( we're graced with two on this song alone!), as opposed to their LP's which are limited in terms of anything "flashy" (beyond Mikko's stellar drum work of course).

As good a split as this might be, simply being two songs I don't feel it'd be right to give it anything higher then a seventy-five. Fleshpress seems to be a reclusive band, both in presence and with their releases, so if you find this I'm sure it might become worth something one day, or it could just waste away ignored.

Regardless, a good split; but Fleshpress steals the show.