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A quite varying EP - 81%

Zaputzaldi, October 2nd, 2013

No Return is one of the two EPs that the Finnish beast known as Fleshpress released in 2010 through Throne Records as two different 12” vinyl at 45 rpm. The band decided to put out “No Return” and “Rebuild / Crumble” as separate releases instead of one full length containing all the song, because they considered that the tracks didn’t suit each other very well, due to stylistic and mood disparity between the songs.

The album starts with “Dead End Life Crawling Thru Shit and Blood Soul Burning” (pretty descriptive title, if you ask me). A lone, simple but heavy drum rhythm, followed by sparse and spacey notes of guitar, background drones and ambiences, and later some distorted bass hits, create a dark atmosphere in-crescendo. Distortion doesn’t kick in until five and a half minutes of the song (these guy take their time to develop their shit, so if you’re looking for quick and straight-to-the-point music search somewhere else), with damn heavy riffs and the classical high shrieks from Marko. Names such as Corrupted, Grief or Thou come to mind, things are getting slower and slower and suddenly… a burst of blasting drums, fast riffs and blackish (with evil laugh and shriek-y solo at the end included) vocals end this song. Try to imagine some blackened His Hero Is Gone and you’ll be close.

On the other side of the vinyl we have “Spiral Filter Forcing You Down to Black Pyramid” (hell yeah), where the band rocks out with weed-driven riffs in an Eyehategod (I mean Black Sabbath) vein, with a cool solo which appears in the middle part of the song, totally 70’s! The track turns into a psychedelic jam for the rest of the song, leaving a nice space rock feeling to the listener (am I the only one hearing a strong Hawkwind vibe here?).

To finish this review I’d like to make a little mention to the album’s artwork: a black and white drawing which looks hypnotizing, trippy and ghastly at the same time. Just as the music we are going to find in it.