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What could very well be... - 100%

misled775, July 9th, 2009

The greatest death metal album of this generation.

Immediately the album punches the listener directly in the face with the album opener: In Honour Of Reason. The riffs are top notch, brutal, and the compliment the production with sincere genius. The solo (well, more like an incredibly intricate lead) in this particular song is a mix of emotional wrenching brutality intricately dancing from the fretboard into your ears slicing your cranial sack as is enters the brain and as your body is mercilessly beaten by the underlying riff. Definitely the standout song, and an incredible opener.

If that sounds appealing to you, by all means, read no more and just get the album!

The brutality lets up during the course of the album only for familiar classical tunes that flow in and out periodically leaving you (the listener) a slight break to relax and brace for the next pounding. You may be wondering if they misuse or abuse the classical input in their song writing, FUCK NO, that's for pussies, and these guys are too busy kicking your ass, in an oddly intelligent manner.

The lyrics are a very interesting read. Yes, anti-religious as you would expect by a band under the moniker, Fleshgod Apocalypse, but do range from the thought provoking ,(i.e. "Paradox of entropy of failing reign of clay") to even pretty catchy as in the chorus in Infection Of The White Throne.

A truly impressive monster of an album; Oracles is absolutely invincible. These really are an incredibly talented group of guys who put out a debut that will reshape brutality in the modern sense forever. Fearing that they might not ever be able to touch the immensity of this album with forthcoming efforts, I say: Bask in this release all that you can. Get the word out, buy this album, buy your friends this album, and tell your children about them. A new world order, is in order.