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Interesting technical thrash - 78%

UltraBoris, December 30th, 2002

This is an album that should definitely appeal to fans of later-era Death (especially Individual Thought Patterns)... it's much thrashier but the general ideas are very, very similar. Better executed, too, than Schuldiner and friends - imagine an ITP that doesn't trip over itself, with a bit of Atheist-first-album infulence too except not quite as fast.

We have four songs here, all of pretty similar quality, with Humanised (Humaniced?) being my personal favourite... "eight o'clock is panic hour!" The vocals take a bit to get used to, as they are very very accented, and not really shrieked or even yelled - he manages to convey aggression through his accenture.

Riffs, anyone? Riffs!! You like Death, or Coroner or Watchtower? You'll definitely like this one... the bass is very prominent in the mix and some of the time that carries the riff work - most of the time, it is thrash riff after thrash riff, with some pauses a la Watchtower (none of this halfthrash shit!) - quality stuff.