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Harsh like Venom but half as Strong - 79%

s_o_m, October 28th, 2009

The appeal of this record is more than just being obscure, impossible to find (actually, I just got a CD of this from Century Media, and it sounds like it was taken from the vinyl), etc. It's actually enjoyable, partly due to it's Venom-inspired amateurish execution and to a few memorable tracks (Evil, Cut You Down). True, the guitar shredding is often just chromatic tumbling (From the Grave) and the distortion is yucky (and not morbid). Some of the riffs (Heroes in Black) sound like a boring version of Blue Cheer, and the lyrics are pretty standard (e.g., "I'll make you suffer").

Still, the shrieks on Evil really do conjure black metal feeling (as noted by reviewer Zodijackyl below), as does the intro and gradual acceleration into Cut You Down and most of the tortured-cat vocals on the title track. While the sloppiness is pretty extreme overall (it really is hard to believe this is not a poorly-played and -recorded demo), and the good and pedestrian are often mixed within the same song, there are some very good moments. Let's hope no one tries to get them back together for a show. Not everything that dies should be resurrected.