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It sounds like the cover looks! - 84%

Ulsk, February 9th, 2014

Insect Warfare

Pound for pound, this could be the best Insect Warfare release. The
songs whirl together into one frenzied blur, especially the lineup of Thermal Imaging / Circuit Demon, which both begin with near-identical riffs. Each song goes through a number of different riffs, providing dynamics and multiple tempo changes in as many seconds. The complete lack of solos and leads is kind of awesome in a release like this; it keeps things crushing and to-the-point. And Burning Chrome has some great syncopation.

Circuit Demon could be the best Insect Warfare song, easily the best on this release: a mini epic of different tempos, clear guitar lines and just a little bit of breathing space. The crushing bridge is one of those sublime Insect Warfare moments where the chaos subsides and the band is as tight as ever, but the speed slows down just a bit to emphasize the chords.

Dobber's drumming is especially tight, with some great tom work, and Beau's guitars are heavy as hell, showing a Swedish DM influence in the tone. The snare is dry and great, but especially good are some noise elements the band would be known for later on – feedback overdubs. You can hear this especially well in the final track - a 324 cover, and yet another nod to the Japanese grindcore scene Insect Warfare looked up to. The cover starts with the kind of squealing noise/blast combination that would later dominate their final release.

Flagitious Idiosyncrasy in the Dilapidation

Unusually for a grindcore release, FITD seem to have a production style which is almost too clean – the snare has a kind of detuned 'gonk' sound, and the bass is completely fuzzless. The high pitched vocals fit so well when they come in over any of the countless blastbeats; the music and playing are already great, a more raw production would get this closer to being perfect.

The songs themselves contain a lot of midtempo sections - with an almost d-beat feel - allowing chord shifts, a distinctly metal riffing style, and quasi-normal song structures to be heard.

Euthanasia, from the middle section bridge onward really has its shit together – more of this would be perfect, but the rest of the release contains enough grind moments to satisfy. The band is tight as hell and has a ton of ideas and some cool changes between tempos...maybe the production is just getting to me.