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Sweet! - 60%

morbert, May 29th, 2009

There are those who state that metal must not be about image. Well, even though the music obviously always comes first, artwork, outfit, looks in general, all do have their undeniable influence on music's enjoyability whether you like ir or not. In this case I was attracted to this band because the band did not look like:
a: a bunch of American nerds with glasses
b: a bunch of European squatters
c: people dressing up as doctors
or d: some brutal death metal types including camouflage trousers.

No, this band looks like a group of sweet and tiny Janapese girls in true Yellow Machinegun / Shonen Knife fashion. I like it and vocalist Makiko is even very hot! Whereas the grunts are pretty generic (but fortunately not too low) the screams actually make me think of Dr. Shrinker. These girls are not an inch less brutal than your average male grinders but just as generic as most 21st century grindcore. However the fact that the vocals are above grindcore average and slightly more characteristic (simply because they're female) makes Flagitious Idiosyncrasy in the Dilapidation stand out a bit. The producton is not too slick but filthy, transparent and crunchy enough not to sound 'bad'. Especially the snare drum and guitars are perfect the way they are.

So, we have the image and sound described. But are they any good or would the scene be better without them? Well, they're certainly not there yet. The songs mostly go in one ear and out the other and incidentally they have some nice ideas ("In The Gray Room", "Unvoiced") but most of the time it's either midpaced or grinding. The band has yet to discover the possibilities of some good polka and d-beat throughout their songs.
Now if the band manage somehow to give their future compositions just a bit more character, a lot more d-beat and more catchy (standout) riffs, they might become more than just a decent enjoyable bunch. For now, they're sweet but generic.