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Pronounce The Name Correctly, You Win a Prize - 80%

Flamos, September 23rd, 2009

Flagitious Idiosyncrasy in the Dilapidation is a death/grind band from Japan. If you’ve ever listed to a band in the genre, you understand that diversity is a rare treasure to obtain. This album isn’t the pearl of Atlantis, but a nice ruby to cash in.

This albums consists 3 factors: speed, violence, and brutality. Nothing surprising there. It’s hard to really tell songs apart, considering many of them are under three minutes and they blend together. “Visualized” begins with sounds similar to a demo, then in unleashes on you. “Studeny Klih” feels very doom-like in the opening, and then, it just goes into overdrive. You get the point. Sure, this band isn’t unique, exempting the fact that every member is female (and if you dislike this album because of it, you’re an idiot.) but I found every track enjoyable. “Tied Up” is another standout for me, quick and to the point. The album checks in at a little over a half-hour so it doesn’t drag on, which is more of a good thing in this genre. “Unvoiced” starts of with a random string of sound effects that really make no since, but then it goes back into the “doom” feel, then into overdrive again.

The vocals consist of high pitched screams, and low grunted bellows. Makiko adds a little variety. Kanko does a good job on bass, and you can hear it pretty well. Tomoko performs the typical grind drumming here, and Ben has some good riffs in her. The production isn’t anything spectacular, but it’s much better than you’d think it would be. Everything is audible and quite clear. Overall really enjoyed the line-up and production.

This album is worth checking out. If you’re an entrepreneur of the genre this will satisfy your desire. Good vocals, good production, no problem with the lineup, and a quick fix. Check it out.