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Fjorsvartnir > Mzoraxc' forbandelse > 2017, CD, Hidden Marly Production (Slipcase, Reissue) > Reviews
Fjorsvartnir - Mzoraxc' forbandelse

Fjorsvartnir: Mzoraxc’ Forbandelse - 80%

SkuldTheNorn, November 18th, 2015

Fjorsvartnir’s second full album starts with an intro that reminds me very much of Bathory regarding to composition and soundscape, though the rest of the album continues as a somewhat matured but also a bit less colourful precedent for their debut.

Song writing has now solidified a bit and concentrated on a bit more simple ideas, which can be considered both as an advantage but also as a loss. Since the songs have developed into a calmer direction, the aggressiveness which I especially liked in the first album has succumbed mostly more towards sort of common-Nordic longing as a general atmosphere for the album. This has also brought some unwanted features into music, which can be heard in the song writing work as the recycling of common rhythmic and melodic patterns in the genre. I hoped the whole creative output and talent which I heard in Fjorsvartnir’s debut would have continued and developed into a more diverse and original form of melodic black metal, but unfortunately when some of the ideas in song writing and composition have clarified, this simplification has also somewhat tarnished the sheer spontaneous energy what was so audible in “Legions of the North”.

Instrumentation is again of good quality, and I especially like the untraditional way Fjorgynn plays guitar solos, mixing common heavy metal and other very melodic elements with traditional black metal solo lineages. Vocals consist mainly of traditional, somewhat high-pitched growling, though on one occasion also sounds more suitable for death metal are heard. What is new in this album, is the use of female back-up vocals, which also end the album. Lucky enough, Fjorgynn has had taste to select a woman with honestly a beautiful voice to that mission, instead of legions wanna-be-models and black metal groupies heard already in this genre, which tend to sound more like a group of profound allergists having the asthma attack of a century than anything else. I have to say I respect the technicality of this album in every sense, concerning song writing, composition, lyrics as well as in musical performance.

I cannot say anything about the lyrics since they’re not available for me, though deducing from song titles Fjorgynn has apparently chosen to continue to write in his mother tongue, which is a good plus. Danish shouldn’t be that hard to understand at least for those who are known to Swedish or Norwegian. The same longing melodic elements that were audible on their debut, are also recognizable on “Mzoraxc’ Forbandelse”, but to a lesser extent. These curious elements I had hoped Fjorgynn had realized to concentrate on and further develop them, since they are original and could further evolve as a characteristic for this band that emerges it from the dime in a dozen bunch of similar sounding melodic black metal groups.

Atmosphere, mood and emotions are less visible on this album, and the originality has conveyed somewhat into convenient song writing using typical patterns in this genre, though the overall representation suits the main themes mentioned in the case of this band. I’d hope to have back that spontaneity, energy and aggressiveness that were very much present in the debut album, but all in all, this is not a bad choice to listen to. Might appeal more to an audience in search for more conventional melodic and rhythmic music in this genre.