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Fisc - Tracker

One of the Better French 'Heavy Metal' efforts - 72%

DeathRiderDoom, April 16th, 2009

After having heard this I must profess my belief that Fisc exemplifies French 80’s Heavy Metal like few others, with perhaps Blaspheme being one of their few equals. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not the most amazing of albums, but worthy of acquiring (but only played at Knobs to the Right!). Being a debut album of course, the band seems eager to impress and accomplishes this somewhat, with a blending of heavily (and I mean heavily) NWOBHM influenced vocal/guitar melodies, and touches of speed metal riffery, and shouting gang vocals.

While the album definitely has a hard rock edge (don’t ask me to define that), there’s plenty to keep this melodic masterwork in ‘heavy metal’ territory, not least a beloved track entitled ‘Running with the Devil’. Simply put, this one’s a strong example of gallopy 80’s speed metal with what I might add are excellently worded vocal bits.

But it doesn’t stop there! Fisc, keeps the feel alive with a reduced pace number entitled ‘Don’t Dream Too Much’. This one couldn’t have simpler main body riffs, the kind that shatter your spine (to paraphrase Gene Simmons), and when coupled with a commanding chorus vocal that one is sure to remember, you’ve got an anthem contest winner, one that beats the pants off of any Trust I’ve heard, anyway.

Tracks like ‘Sad Girl’ display tinges of acts like Riot, and of course NWOBHM’s more rock n roll orientated acts. Upbeat, but with crunch, and suitability for that party playlist. On a contrary note, ‘Tracker’ has some darker numbers. With a title like ‘Midnight Killer’ , the listener pretty much knows what their in for; that complimentary horror/murder metal track in the vein of Grim Reaper’s 1984 ‘Wrath of the Ripper’, Iron Maiden’s ‘Prowler’ or countless others. A subject matter that never seems to get old in my books.

Journeying on through ‘Tracker’ invites us to take a tour through complimentary ‘upbeat, high-octane-motivational/party track’ territory, with a little number entitled ‘Hungry for Blood’. This one features all the stalwarts of said song category, complete with Krokus-esque pause/spoken word territory at around 2:50 territory. However the guitar solo out of this pause is somewhat remarkable, taking us to a bridge and a harshly delivered NWOBHM verse, in the vain of Medusa (UK).

All in all a pretty good collection of heavy metal tracks which could draw countless comparisons to everything an anything that’s decent and ‘heavy metal’. There’s a certain upbeat positivism to many of the tracks, with track 8 ‘Rock ’n’ Roll’ being no exception. Definitely some hard rock here, though not as much as in many, many albums-retaining enough of that metal riff-ery to keep the steel pumping through the veins. In summation, refreshingly French Krokus-ish metal album from a band better than Trust in my opinion.