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We are few against many! - 98%

Immortally_Insane, June 19th, 2012

I tend to compare all of Firewind’s music to their 2003 release Burning Earth, because that is one of the albums I owe for introducing me to power metal, and to this day it is one of my favorite albums. However, this new album brings quite the competition to that beloved spot on my list of favorites. This album has to hold some of the greatest riffs in all of Firewind history. Let me explain.

I can really hear the Ozzy influence on Gus G’s writing. Firewind has always been heavy, but the guitar especially in the new album is just so ballsy, and really sticks to their heavy metal roots, straying away from any light and fluffy “strictly keyboard enforced” songs. The opening track, Wall of Sound is exactly that. It makes me wish I didn’t live in a thin walled apartment where neighbors would call the cops on me if I turned this song up any louder. Few Against Many opens with an angry Apollo yelling “You’ve got a one way ticket to hell...” and the song just unleashes with a bad ass riff and amazing chorus which stating “We are few against many”!

The Undying Fire is a great anthem track in true Firewind style, followed by Another Dimension which hits you hard from the start and doesn’t let up. Apollo’s vocals are somewhat haunting in this track, which contrasts so much with the music behind them. . I love the effect they use on the vocals, there’s a perfect amount of reverb and layering to sound like many different voices singing the chorus. It’s a really pleasant listen, so very different from most heavy metal out there.

Edge of a Dream features the cello masters Apocalyptica, and this ballad-like song really reminds me of The Land of Eternity (Forged By Fire, 2005) in it’s beautiful lyrics and somber feel. The cellos are used as a form of percussion as the song moves on as there are no drums in the song. Then enter a beautiful little solo from Gus G, the song builds and builds and really pulls on my heartstrings. It tops off with another feature of Gus G, which just reinforces my love for his skill and Firewind’s songwriting ability.

Every single track on the album is something to be proud of. No Heroes, No Sinners is a fucking awesome song to end an album. It's actually my favorite song on the album, perfectly written, featuring some great lyrics, "There will be no more heroes, only a violent sky" foretelling the future if we continue the path we are all on. It’s very different almost in every way from the Firewind I fell in love with when I was much younger, but I can hear how this band has grown up just as I have. Every musician in this band deserves some serious recognition! For fans of heavy metal and power metal alike I recommend this album. Please buy it, and support the band!

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