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You know what you're in for - 71%

kmorg, July 26th, 2009

Fires Of Babylon is what many would label a supergroup. Fronted by The Voice of Melodic Metal himself, Rob Rock, alongside long time underground shred-hero, Lou St. Paul (Winters Bane), these 2 are joined by Kelly Conlon (bass) and Robert Falzano (drums) on their debut album. Here the band delivers classic 80's heavy metal, with a modern production. This is of course labeled power metal by today's standards.

In my ears they sound very similar to Rob's solo band, but with a more emphasis on the guitar-work. Guess that makes them sound a bit like some of the many related bands on Rob's large band-family tree, like Impellitteri and Narnia. You could do a lot worse than to be mentioned in the same breath as such bands. And Fires Of Babylon can be proud of this first album, that is for sure. But I can't seem to get around the fact that this sounds a little too familiar. There is no real sense of band identity here. And they are far from sticking out in an already crowded metal scene. That said, if you are a fan of stellar shredding, and veiling vocals, then 'Fires Of Babylon' will give you plenty of moments to make your neck sore. Any long time fan of Rob Rock knows exactly what they get here, and can buy this unheard. I'm having a hard time pulling favorites from this CD. That means that the album is very even, and the songwriting is equally strong throughout the disc.

The lyrics are much more Biblical that I first expected. In fact, they might even be the most Christ centered, and openly Christian lyrics I've ever heard from Rob. So kudos for that.

'Fires Of Babylon' was originally released on the Metal Heaven label, distributed by SoulFood. But in 2009 they reissued it through Retroactive Records.

Killer tracks: Falling To Pieces, Lake Of Fire, Holy Resurrection, Lazarus Rising