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the trolls will drag you to the stones... - 97%

vicioustroll, July 8th, 2007

This five track EP from Finntroll serves as another stop-gap between the ‘Jaktens Tid’ and ‘Nattfodd’ full-lengths. Packaged neatly in a digipak containing some of the best cover art from the band to date, this is best purchased as a completion to the collection of an avid fan.

Not to discredit ‘Trollhammaren” (‘the troll hammer’) though, as the five tracks are all good. Due to the length of the record and small number of songs, it is pertinent to give this disc a track by track review, if only to highlight the diversity of what this offers.

Title track and opener “Trollhammaren” is a staple from the band, which will probably appear in all their live sets from now till forever. The credentials of the song are questionable; it could be seen as a repetitive cliché of the genre. Despite this it is extremely catchy, and therefore very enjoyable, but it is not the reason you should buy this record.

The second track “Hemkomst” (‘Home coming’) is fast paced, still catchy, and somewhat more substantial than the previous. It is reminiscent of “Den Hornkronte Konungen” in pace and style. It’s basically a great song and worth a listen.

Next up “Skog” (‘the forest’). Heavy and black with some atmospheric keyboards, this song seems ahead of its time for Finntroll. It would fit nicely on the their ‘Ur Jordens Djup’ album, or even an early Moonsorrow release. It’s a eclectic fusion of black and viking sounds, with the usual sprinkling of trollishness thrown in to the mix.

“Forsvinn du som lyser” (‘Be gone those who shine’) is a metal re-working of an acoustic track from “Visor om Slutet”. It is hard to do this track justice on paper. It has to be heard to be appreciated but needless to say it epitomises what’s great about Finntroll. This was one of the last songs recorded that was written by Somnium.

The album closes with “Hel Vete” (‘whole wheat’). The title is a pun on the Swedish word ‘helvete’ meaning hell. This has a choppy almost funky feel to it, but unlike ‘En Maktig har’ on “Ur Jordens Djup” the song does not sound out of place, due to the diversity of this EP. It serves to demonstrate that Finntroll aren’t a one trick pony, and is an awesome track to boot!

You probably already have the title track on ‘Nattfodd’. Still try and get hold of this record. Yes it’s short, but its more than sweet. Remember this is an EP, something for fan but perhaps not a casual listener. Don’t expect any more than fifteen minutes listening time, but this EP hasn’t been marketed as something it isn’t, and it does its job with a flourish, hence the high score.

Stand-out tracks: All, but particularly “Forsvinn du Som Lyser”

Funny little thing - 80%

PazuzuZlave, May 3rd, 2006

Is it me, or are EP’s and singles often released under the incorrect name? For instance, take this disc. It shouldn’t be called “Trollhammaren”, it should be named after any of the other tracks. Trollhammaren (the track) is by far the worst offering from Finntroll ever, with its repeated dullness and simplistic construction. It’s too basic in style and falls flat compared to the other songs. Any other, and I mean a-n-y other song from “Nattfödd” could’ve been chosen as the opener here. The selling point of this EP would be the bonus material.

“Hemkomst” is a fast, violent tune. I love that kind of single-string riffage where they just let go at full speed, almost sounding like they would constantly worry a little if the strings hold up. The riffs really take the cake, without them this would be pretty dull. “Trollhammaren”, the track, has a lot to learn from this one. Keyboards are used in a more subtle fashion than before and do not take over the music in any way, but rather exist as a useful aid to the otherwise beautiful music. “Skog” reminds me of older Finntroll. This could’ve been on “Jaktens Tid”, which is a very welcome return, at least in my book. All the elements “Jaktens Tid” was built on, this song contains. There’s the ongoing synth and simplistic riffs with minor alteration driving it forward the whole time. This is the first release where we hear the new vocalist Wilska scream. I’d say he does a stellar job with the growling/screaming on this whole release. This is also the last album the lyrics are written in a correct method.

“Försvinn du som lyser” was included as an acoustic version on the “Visor om Slutet” album. I really liked the whole campfire mood about it, but when they turned it into a death metal rampage; this is where it really fulfils its purpose. Being a blistering attack upon the listener, there’s no way this can pass unnoticed ‘cause it really craves for your attention. This song contains pretty much everything you could look for in a performance by the band and while it may sound a little punk-ish at times, it really doesn’t bother me at all. The lyrics are sweet here too, take a look at this little fragment:

“Ett skrik nu ekar, midnatten vrålar
Svart ondska himmelen målar
Brutit sig loss, sina bojor lämnat
Snart gamla onddåd hämnat”

A scream now echoes, the midnight growls
Black malice paints the sky
Set itself loose, its chains have left
Soon old wickedness will avenge

In this spat-out verse, Wilska sounds like a madman. These are pretty strong lyrics in Swedish; Poetic yet disturbing. It’s also far off from their usual lyrical approach. No fairytale here, just eternal evilness. “Hel Vete” continues the trollfest and drives it into near perfection. This is one interesting song. Seriously, its sonic expression drives your mind into a whole other place while listening, and suddenly an invitation to a party out in the woods sounds very appealing. The great rhythms in the last song makes you want to take this disc for another spin in the player over and over again. This is an absolute must-buy, with the title-track being the only setback. But you get that anyway when buying “Nattfödd”, so try to see this as something else. A compilation, if you will.

somehow needless - 75%

LordPain, October 31st, 2004

The „Trollhammaren“ EP of Finntroll includes a new version of a old song „Försvinn Du Som Lyser” from the “Visor Om Slutet“ acoustic album and 4 new Songs one song “Trollhammaren” is also of the next album “Nattfödd“. The EP has a total play time of 17:10 minutes which is very short but the playtime of a normal Finntroll album is also just 30 – 40 Minutes.
The play time of 17:10 minutes would be okay when all songs would be great but the aren’t, only Trollhammaren, Hemkomst and Försvinn Du Som Lyser are really good and the other two are just average. The new singer Tapio Wilska does a good job but I like the vocals of Katla more than his vocals.
The first track “Trollhammaren” starts with a Keyboard intro an becomes a typical but not so fast Finntroll song, which gets at the end the “normal” Finntroll speed. Before the speed gets faster there is one guitar solo, which is somehow really untypically for Finntroll. This song is very good adapted for concert between fast or normal (also fast) Finntroll songs because the audience can bellow the refrain etc. which isn’t possibal at every Finntroll song. 08/10 Points
At the second tracks the Keyboards are in the foreground and the track has the typical Finntroll speed. Nothing special but of course very good 08/10 Points it’s souns like a song from the first album.
The third and the fifth tracks are the two bad tracks on this EP. The third track are a midtempo track, which is really epic and somehow untypically for Finntroll but it’s sounds in the other way very familiar. This song doesn’t create the typical Finntroll felling, their of course Keyboards in this song but it hasen’t the Polka and Folk influence but it isen’t a bad track just different form their normal track. 07/10 Points
The last song is in my opinion really bad, you hear strong Jazz (or something else) elements and the track has nothing in common with other Finntroll tracks. But this is my opinion and clinical the music isn’t so bad. 06/10 Points
The fourth track “Försvinn Du Som Lyser” is in my opinion to fast for normal hearing at a concert it is a very good song but when you normally hear this song it’s just too fast and destroy the atmosphere of the original. This is still a good song but not so good like the original 08/10

In my opinion it’s better to buy the latest album “Nattfödd“ instead this EP. Their are in my opinion just two new great tracks on it and one of them is also at the “Nattfödd” album. But totally Finntroll maniacs could be interesst in the fifth track where Finntroll obviously use Jazz elements an in the new version of “Försvinn Du Som Lyser”. All songs on this EP have a own style Finntroll music I guees this shall address as much as possible consumers !