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Nothing really special yet - 66%

Egregius, August 10th, 2004

There's two ways you could aproach this demo. Either you've heard their later work and are checking out the demo, or this is the first thing you hear from Finntroll. Finntroll's debut album was a splash of freshness regarding metal, something positively different in terms of sound and atmosphere, and most of the work on this demo was later reworked into songs for the debut. In fact, 3 songs are basically the same, albethey less refined. The different songs are the synth intro, synth outro and the interlude, of which only the interlude is truly different from what is heared on the debut.

Yet though the debut is considered original work, I've seen several people review this demo as generic if this is the first thing they've heard from Finntroll. In a way, this release is very reminiscent of the first wave of black metal bands using a lot of synths, in the short period of time synths weren't considered teh gay yet for black metal. I'm talking of releases like Troll(!)'s Drep de Kristne.

It's funny how a better production and mix (the synths drown out a lot on here) and a bit better instrumentation (like live drums instead of a drumcomputer, which is done well on here though), could push Finntroll from being barely original (and not that super) to having it's own sound and impressing the hell out of a lot of people.

I'd say it isn't really worth it for a fan to track down a physical copy of this. But for you filesharers it might be interesting to hear how there are slight differences between the originals and the songs on the debut, and of course to hear 'Den svarte älgens blod' which is like what they did on the 'Visor Om Slutet' EP.