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It really makes you want to dance - 100%

damejro, October 17th, 2012

Finntroll is a great folk metal band, no doubt about it. Since Midnattens Widunder, they released a few lps, but the one I'm going to review here is Nattfodd. Why? Because it is absolutely awesome. Period.

Every time I play through the Nattfodd cd I get the feeling that this was the time when Finntroll was the "ultimate Finntroll". Not that the other albums are bad, no, far from that. They are great, but it's just that Nattfodd gives you the most complete troll-experience from the beginning to the very end.

The intro which fluently changes into the first song is a mix of winds blowing, distant shouts, and something resembling the sound of steel that's being forged. After that we get aggressive troll metal at its very finest. Awesome growling, fantastic drum work, and the guitars...all is in the right place. But wait, Finntroll wouldn't be Finntroll if hey didn't throw in some humppa/polka into their songs. Almost every song on Nattfodd has polka parts and they really fit in. The whole cd gives you this evil-trollish-magical feeling, but I believe all of the songs could be danced to (and I mean dance, not pogo).

It's really hard to pick the highlights of this album, but if I must they would be Manniskopesten, Nattfodd, Iskalla Trollblodet, and of course, Fiskarens Fiende with Trollhammaren. The accordions and chorus parts in Fiskarens Fiende, the ultra-catchy melody in Trollhammaren and Iskalla Trollblodet, and the dark atmosphere of Manniskopesten and Nattfodd - it all makes me pick and play this cd anytime anywhere. The album ends with slow Grottans Barn and acoustic Rok. I believe you will want to hit the replay button after Rok...many times.

For me, Nattfodd is the best folk metal album I've ever heard and I can't really imagine anything else taking its place as no. 1. Are you a fan of folk metal? Go buy Nattfodd then! Now!