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OOOMPHA! - 100%

ShotgunBlasphemy, April 26th, 2004

I've never quite really heard another band quite like Finntroll. It's no surprise that they found their sound while being completely fucken drunk, so this naturally makes excellent drinking music.

Finntroll mixes polka and black metal. Yeah, polka and black metal. They do a damn good job with it too. Don't be alarmed if you can't understand what the vocalist is saying either, it's all in Swedish! The keyboards are awesome and the guitars are follow it with some amazing, catchy ass, fucken riffs. This whole album is catchy as hell, you'll get songs stuck in your head for days.

The title track, "Jaktens Tid", has to be my favorite out of the whole thing. It has this sick as fuck "Joik-singing" on the intro and chorus, it almost sounds middle-eastern. Them fuckers must be fun drunks! Another good track on this album is "Den Hornkrönte Konungen", and the keyboards and riffs on that song just completely blow me away. It's very hard not to whistle along to most of this shit.

Finntroll manages to mix a very up-beat type of music (polka) with a very dark type of music (black metal) and the outcome is seriously some of the best and most unique shit I've ever heard. Sadly, in 2003 their guitarist Somnium (Teemu in Impaled Nazarene) died from falling off a bridge while drunk. At least he left behind him some music that I, along with many others, will surely never forget.