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Finntroll - Blodsvept - 95%

trollhammer666, April 15th, 2013
Written based on this version: 2013, CD, Century Media Records

Years I have spent drooling in agony for another Finntroll album and finally my thirst is quenched by the almighty release known as Blodsvept. I first discovered Finntroll around the time they released Ur Jordens Djup. Still in middle school at the time and relatively new to metal, I was flabbergasted by this evil and circus-like black and folk metal hybrid machine of a band. I always wanted to show more respect to the band more at the time but just couldn’t find enough interest because I was so hooked on melodeath kingpins like In Flames and Soilwork. As time grew on so did my musical maturity as I gained monstrous appreciation for the more obscure genres of metal, especially (massive emphasis) for Finntroll. Nifelvind was released three years later and until now is easily, by far my most listened to album. It was that album that helped me identify myself (somehow) and shape me into who I am today. Another three years later, lessoned with further knowledge and appreciation, we have the pleasure of indulging ourselves Finntroll’s latest creation.

Blodsvept (also the first song and self-titled track) starts off with the sound of a demonic beast trotting through the forest, ultimately halting and unleashing a hellish roar: Enter wild keyboard and steady heavy riffs that define Blodsvept and the late and great Nifelvind. Vreth’s epic growl-shouting chorus’ are more present that ever and leave you screaming and begging on your knees for more. I have only dreamed of seeing Finntroll live and now those dreams are vivid every night. The great trollish-talking style vocals make their way into some songs too, a staple in Finntroll musical history. Breakdowns vary from trios of acoustic guitar, soft drumming and aforementioned vocals to absolutely breathtaking sky-high pitch mini orchestra's of “Fanskapsfylld” paired with riffs that will leave you head banging till your neck snaps.

The eleven songs featured skip back and forth between a rawer, ultimately harsher non-humppa metal song and the revised, folk a-la-max, accordion integrated fun metal song. It’s never a dull moment when the riffs are building up then thrown together with creeping carnival keyboards and an array of brass instruments. These guys are so unique and bring that uniqueness to the table every time; and it seems to be only getting better.

“När Jättar Marschera” takes the cake for one of the best songs I have heard this year. The chorus is ridiculously entrancing and melodic, backed up with Finntroll’s classic humppa-as-hell instrument section. ”Häxbrygd”, the album’s first single is also a crowning moment on the album. Evil and melodic with the zany horn section blaring in the background. While not as hectic as most of the other songs, this is a very solid and complete track.

Blodsvept packs all the perks of its predecessor combined with some of Finntroll’s older musical aspirations. I am speechless once again after treating my ears to this metal feast and something tells this won’t be the last time I feel this way.

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