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Almost as good as Avantasia - 95%

Princeps, October 24th, 2006

By coincident I was able to obtain a copy of this metal opera and I am very glad I bought this release. Part of the reason for bying this CD was the fact, that beside Chitral Somapala, which is known to me from his vocal efforts in Court Jester and Avalon, also Mr. Avantasia himself, ie. Tobias Sammet, Edguy, are part of The Wizard Queen. The rest of the line-up is unknown to me.

First of all, I was surprised how much musical diversity Final Chapter is capable of applying on this work. Melodic speed metal, symphonic metal, epic power metal and catchy hardrock songs can found throughout The Wizard Queen. Brilliant guitar hooks and great hymn-like choruses stick out and attest great musical competence. The vocals are usually of a high level performance, especially the two above mentioned vocalists shine with brilliant efforts on here. Some of the slower songs could have been played a bit speedier and this is also the only negative point I have to address.

Musical highlights for me are the title song which can be described as a melodic speed metal gem of the top league bands around. Also of superior quality are the songs The One who cannot love or The Ballad of the Queen. The truly awesome guitar soli are very well excecuted on the same.

The production is decent and does not show any flaws in my opinion.

I would recommend this album foremost to fans of Avantasia or similar works, but many metal fans would be delighted to hear the speed or power metal songs on this recording.