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Not worthy of the legacy of Fight - 35%

Evoken, January 15th, 2008

Being a huge Fight fan since back when War of Words first came out, I was really looking forward to this DVD/CD boxset. Wow, a documentary, a complete live show, bonus footage, music videos, and the complete War of Words album remastered and remixed! Sounds like a dream-come-true for any Fight fan, right? Unfortunately...wrong.

First you have the documentary. It's semi-informative, but really isn't quite as interesting as I would have hoped. A lot of it is old footage of Halford talking about the band, and some old footage of the band in rehearsals. All of it looks very dated, with none of the footage cleaned up.

Next we come to the live show. Another letdown! First of all, the footage looks like you're watching a cheap bootleg. Secondly, the footage is a mix of a few different shows all under one live audio track so it's pretty disappointing. You'll see Halford singing with a cap on, then a second later it's gone, etc. The sound quality is only average as best as well.

There are also some bonus live footage, which is mostly average stuff, and some music videos which are just terrible. I can't believe how cheap they look, and how poorly done they are. Halford's "acting" is pitiful too. It's nice they were included, but they haven't stood the test of time at all.

Lastly you have the remixed/remastered War of Words album. To be honest this I was looking forward to the most. It's a classic album, and I thought that a sound-update would really help make it even better. Boy was I wrong. Somehow they've managed to suck all the life and power out of all the songs and you're left with something that pales in comparison to the original mix. Halford's vocals are too up-front now, the bass has been brought up but at the cost to drowning out the hi-hat and cymbals, the drums have a flat nu-metalish sound to them now, and the guitars don't have the power they used to in the original mix. Not only that, but some of the songs have been changed, and mostly for the worse. For instance, the keyboards in "For All Eternity" have been completely taken out. Why I'm not sure, because I thought they really added to the atmosphere of the song.

I'd say if you're a huge fan of the band, or Rob Halford in general, I can slightly recommend this because some may like the new mix of War of Words, and if you don't have real high expectations like I did, you may enjoy the cut-and-pasted live show and documentary. I personally just didn't think any of it was all that special, and hoped it would have been a lot more entertaining. Oh well, at least the artwork/layout is well done, and the K5 War of Words Demos CD they also just released is worth picking up.