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Not quite Rob's turf - 60%

black_slime, March 7th, 2012

Now many people said that this is Rob's best work outside "Judas Priest". I say it's not...though it is quite good, but it doesn't deserve that much praise. Clearly we can see that this is actually a mixture of Priest and something that tries to sound grooveish but doesn't succeed that much.

To be honest I expected much more from Rob, and he pretty much disappointed me. I personally believe that a musician is a great musician in two cases, either sticking to genre that best suits them (or doing solo work in which case this digression applies to that, too) with their unique style that does its share in keeping the sound just about right or if forming a new band and trying a different genre, adjust their musical style to the genre, simply letting the feeling of the genre flow, thus making them able to perform the genre in a right way, as it should be . This is of course pointed at Rob. Although he is a METAL GOD, and has his own epic vocal style I believe that he fails miserably in trying any different genre other than heavy/power metal that he's used to. For example, his other great fail, the "2wo" band. Although it's an industrial band and not many metalheads, including myself, like industrial music, he failed at that too, or should I say "2wo". So in the end, "Fight's" songs sound more like a work of a DJ who sampled Rob's Priest vocals and put them on a new matrix rather than a whole band project. But still we, the fans, forgive him and he's still on the top of the metal throne among other great legends.

As far as riffage is concerned, to be honest it's pretty much good and nothing much more can be said about that. It's not completely original as we can hear some (again) "Judas Priest" parts to the riffage, although they sound a bit more heavy and with just a pinch of thrash in them. Sometimes the guitar sounds dull; if it's supposed to be "thrash", you're supposed to bring some energy into it, but it seems to me that the band didn't quite get the whole "thrash metal" idea right.

So all in all they sound OK, though nothing special about it. The drumming is also nothing much new, but solid is the drum line, rhythm section machine, and so is the bass line, too. To be honest, "Fight" as a band had some great potential, but failed quite much. They sound more like they're forced to make songs that sound thrashy. Although the whole and complete idea sounded good, the structure of the songs fail at three things: naturalism, vocal innovation, and the whole energy part.

I usually grade an album into 5 sections, each with a maximum score of 20% (0% means totally idiotic to 20% masterpiece). Those are drumming, bass lines, riffage, vocals, and lyrics, so to sum the 60% up these are the scores: drumming-15%, bass lines-10%, riffage-15%, vocals-10%, and lyrics-10%.

To close the review up, I'm going to give a final opinion on this album. It's plain mediocre, it's not entirely original, and it fails at some points. The vocals don't match the music, though it really is worth listening to, but only if you wish to expand your knowledge of the metal music.