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Rob's WAR of Words! - 94%

PowerMetalGuardian, January 26th, 2003

Could Rob Halford be in a successful band that wasn't named Judas Priest?
And the answer is no. Two was just an embarssment to Halford's career and Fight did not last that long. But Fight sure did land a heavy impression with there first album. This album is straight out heavy metal, and well acheived! The first couple songs, Into the Pit and Nailed to the Gun are hard to listen to if you have heard them on Halford's Insurrection Live album, since they are done ten times as better. Some of the songs on this album are skippers, but there are a lot of good ones. The riffs and solo's are just amazing, and had Judas Priest done this album it would have been recognized as an even greater album. There are even some death metal mixed vocals on some of the opening songs. Also worth mentioning is the bass work. If you have this album turn on Laid to Rest and blast up the bass. It's a hell of a lot better than what Ian Hill did. Also the drumming is really great on some of the fast songs like Into the Pit, almost a unique style of drumming not heard of in straight out heavy metal such as Fight was. All in all this album is pretty good. The only problem I had with it was the vocals. Yes, the vocals! All in all vocals sound great, just like Priest. However, in some songs Halford will go low when it would be better if he hit his famous high pitches. Other times there plain out flat or wavy. Good songs to check out are: Nailed to the Gun, Into the Pit, Life in Black, Immortal Sin, War of Words, Laid to Rest, and Kill it! Definetly a good metal album, and the step that would launch Halford into his successful solo career!