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Not as good as Resurrection, but it ain't bad. - 76%

Nightcrawler, December 20th, 2002

So this is what Rob was doing in between Priest and his new solo band Halford. It's quite different, that's true, but I don't think it's all too great. There are a few quite excellent tracks on the album, but a few of them sound a bit uninspired and not very interesting. Well, let me look more carefully into the songs.

The first song is also the best. Into The Pit is pure fucking Painkiller material. Insane riffs, pounding double bass drumming, evil basslines and Rob Halford screaming his heart out in a menacing falsetto. Goddamn, this song pretty much beats anything from any of the two Halford albums. Actually, the only Halford song that can even compare to this one is Resurrection.

Nailed To The Gun up next, and this one is pretty damn excellent as well. It's a quite fast paced song, with sweet guitar riffing and nice basslines. A very catchy song, with a great guitar solo. This one as well is among the highlights of this album.

The first two songs were real asskickers, and building up hope for a truly amazing album. But here, the album shows strong signs of weakness.
Life In Black is the title of this song, and it's a bit boring. It's a dark, midpaced song with decent verses and nice, heavy riffing but an unbelievably boring chorus.

Immortal Sin is another mediocre midpaced song, though not as dark as the previous. Some more heavy riffing and nice verses, but also yet another incredibly boring chorus.

Next is War Of Words, the title track. This is the second greatest song on the album. Like Into The Pit, the song has heavy guitar riffing and piercing falsetto vocals by Rob Halford, but while Into The Pit was 100% insanity, War Of Words one is more aimed towards attitude.
Like I said, it's not as great as Into The Pit, but it still rocks like Hell.

Next, we have a quite decent song known as Laid To Rest. The song has some really excellent basslines, and nice guitar riffs as well. The verses are slow, and quite good, and a cool chorus with groovy guitars. The guitar solo must also be mentioned, it's very good.
It's nothing to rave about, but it's not bad.

For All Eternity follows. It is indeed a fine ballad, although Rob's vocals aren't all that incredible, aside from the powerful chorus.
Very nice, emotional guitar lines during the verses, and some heavier stuff during the chorus.

Little Crazy follows, this is another of my favourites. We begin with a cool acoustic intro with a catchy chorus before the heavy but catchy guitar riff kicks in. The entire song is very catchy and a fun listen, and Rob does a great vocal performance in it.

Next we have Contortion. It's a decent, quite heavy song. Cool guitar and bass riffing, but quite boring verses and chorus. The song is overall not terrible, but it's not very interesting. Oh yeah, and the song has a terrible bridge with mallcore sounding vocals. I'm nearly about to hurl when I listen to it...

Track number 10 is called Kill It, and this song has some fucking wicked riffing. The rest of the song is quite nice as well. Nice verses and an aggressive chorus, great basslines and great drumming.

Vicious is next, and this one is quite decent.
The lyrics are bloody strange. During the verses Rob sings about how nice he is to the person he sings about, while the chorus consists of nothing but this: "Vicious. Vicious. Fucker! Fucker!" Well, well...
This one as well is quite heavy aside from the verses, which are a bit more melodic.

Reality, A New Beginning is the next song, and this may be the weakest song of the entire album. The riffs are decently heavy but not very interesting. Quite boring, in fact. The verses are uninspired and dull, and the vocal performance is weak.

Then there is the hidden track Jesus Saves which closes the album off. Rob's vocals are edited in a weird and pretty damn stupid way, which sounds completely wrong. The song has a nice flow to it though, with quite catchy guitar riffing.
Overall, if it wasn't for the terrible vocals then this would've been a pretty damn fine song.

So, now I've gone through all the songs, and reached the conclusion that this is a pretty nice album, although some songs are a bit less interesting than others, while some are amazing.
It's a nice album, but could be better.