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Forgotten - 85%

HawkMoon, November 27th, 2002

I've tried to classify Fight for many years now. They're one of those 'forgotten' bands no one ever talks about. I've owned the albums practically since they were still on the paper, (new) well.. Small deadly space anyway, but back then I didn't know that much about different metal genres - I thought it sounded really different from all the stuff I'd heard so I referred
to it as industrial metal. Today I know that industrial is lots of computer effects and keyboards but anyhow, not until now I realised: this is 90's heavy metal! Not any new wave-of-anything, just plain heavy metal product of the 90's.

And I know Halford's projects kinda got people to turn their backs because of that Two thing, even to this. I feel that's really wrong cause this is good stuff! There's like nothing non-metal about this and wonderful Halford screams all over. Even the guitarwork is beautiful compared to todays death/black metal bands who screw up solos time after time. Another thing I gotta mention: the bass! The bass is among the heaviest shit I've heard in a long time, not even Ian Hill's input to the Priest records was this obvious. That, along with the lead-heavy riffs and supertight drumming (Scott Travis beats the skins here) and Halford's excellent screaming, makes this an experience you shouldn't be without.

I'd easily pick this before the Halford cd's. If I had to choose some fave tracks it'd be "Into the pit", "Nailed to the gun" and "War of words" but of course there's lots of good songs here.