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Judas Priest this isn't - 84%

Disciple_Of_Metal, April 8th, 2003

Yes, that's right, this is not Judas Priest kids, yet it's pretty fuckin' good! The occaisional filler, but all in all a good album. I had heard the first 3 tracks off "Live Insurrection" so it is a real treat to hear them in their original form.

"Into The Pit" has got to be THE heaviest album Rob Halford has ever created. Want to do something metal? Grab some Slipknot fans and play this to them and I guarantee they will flee in terror, or their skulls will simultaneously explode from awesome riffs, awesome bass, awesome drumming, and sweet ass melodic and piercing guitar soloing, and of course, Rob's ear-piercing vocals. The lead-guitar work at 2:10 is sweet as hell, and of course the solos that follow kick ass as well.

There should be a law against being this fucking good. After being crushed to death and thrown "Into The Pit", you're being "Nailed To The Gun". Judas Priest this is. Total 'Priest worship (it is Halford isn't it?). Speed fucking metal. Great ass opening riff that totally dominates the song and the solo at 1:48 or so is sweet as hell. Again, these two songs are just as spectacular, if not better (due to better vocal performance) on Halford's "Live Insurrection" CD.

"Life In Black" is... meh... total filler. The solo is somewhat redeeming, preventing the song from turning into a total nightmare.

"Immortal Sin" is hella cool, another great heavy and groovy riff starts the song off and continues throughout the song. But don't let that fool you, the melodic chorus for this song is simply astounding - nice clean guitar riff and superb singing from Rob. Total fucking winner here. Unfortunately, the solo is not even the slightest bit exciting.

"War of Words", title track for the album, a sort-of cool track. Begins with a sort of sad yet chilling intro, and then at 0.36 total heavy metal madness. Great vocal performance. Yet all-in-all, not a great song. Good, but not great. Due to the first two songs and "Immortal Sin", you get the impression that this is a let-down.

"Laid To Rest" is pretty fucking sweet. Melodic and dark... grim... I like. Sort of like "Immortal Sin" though more emphasis on the clean-guitar riffing underneath some simply distorted guitar riffing. Halford's vocal delivery is, as usual, fucking killer. Lead guitar/solo section beginning at about 2:05 is godly.

"For All Eternity" is a very nice ballad. Not exactly a "Beyond The Realms Of Death" or a "Silent Screams" but a good one nonetheless. Sweet as hell sorrowful clean guitar riffs, excellent singing, heavy and melodic chorus, astounding guitar solo... this song has it all.

"Little Crazy" has got to be the logical predecessor to "Locked And Loaded". The opening sounds very gay, the lyrics are not AS gay, but still kind of gay. A somewhat groovy song... but a little over the edge in silliness. It sounds as if it weren't for the guitars this could be a 70's pop song.

"Contortion" opens with a dark clean guitar riff. But of course the song gets heavier at precisely 51 seconds. This song is much in the vein of "War of Words". Good but not great.

"Kill It" is somewhat cool. Not nearly as cool as numbers 1,2,4,6 and 7 but it's pretty good. Heavy guitar riffs and a nice shout-along chorus.

"Vicious" is an excellent song. Great drumming and an all-around fun headbanger.

"Reality, A New Beginning" is a bad way to end an album. Should have ended with "Vicious" because this song is slowish and not very exciting. Add about 6 minutes of silence for a hidden... STUPID... "song" and it makes it even worse. What the fuck am I listening to at 9:44? It seems okay at first, if it was actually produced it might sound good, but then the vocals kick in and it sounds like a bunch of four year old kids trying to be the next version of the Beach Boys. "Jesus Saves"? I'm about ready to cut my ears off with a spoon (In the almighty words of Alan Rickman: "It's dull, it'll hurt more you twit!"). I have no idea of what to make of this song, it's got a sweet solo, sort of sweet riffs, but those vocals... Better to not be here. In fact, if you hear it, RUN AWAY.

All in all, some excellent, some filler, and some weak tracks. Highlights are definitely "Into The Pit", "Nailed To The Gun", "Immortal Sin", "Laid To Rest", "For All Eternity", with an honorable mention going to "Vicious". Fillers include "War Of Words", "Contortion", and "Kill It".

The only weak points of the album are "Life In Black", the hideous "Little Crazy", and "Reality, A New Beginning"... not to mention that... that... whatever at the end of it.

Well, there you have it kids. Despite a few cracks in the skin, you have a solid album.