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Sort of one dimensional, but a hell of a dimension - 86%

BaronVonK, September 16th, 2003

The details of the story around this are a little sketchy. Some accounts I've heard are that Rob wanted to do a side project while still in Priest. When he did this, Priest announced he had left, yadda yadda yadda, bad blood ensued and Priest was no more (for the time being at least), but at the time Rob made this, he was still in Priest (I guess Scott Travis was forgiven because he wasn't a longtime member).
Honestly, this isn't that far removed from Painkiller aside from the fact that neither of the the guitarists is a Tipton or Downing. I suppose I'm being a little harsh on it by calling it one dimensional, but most of the songs are one speed with a fairly simple verse/chorus/break format with only a few riffs and a repetitive chorus, however, they are done in an irresistably catchy format that you can't help but sing and bang along to. I can't say that there are really any bad tracks on here, but I would say that the track arrangement is such that most of the better tracks are up front and the good (but not great) tracks are near the back. One good thing is that all of the songs are between 3min and 5min long, so they aren't too short, but they don't make you want to skip to the next track with their repetitive nature.
Rob Halford sounds as good as ever and fully utilizes his patented banshee wail, so if you are looking for that, don't worry. I must say though, it is funny to hear Rob Halford singing about the US constitution in War of Words, seeing how he's a full on Englishman.
All in all, I'd say if you're a Priest fan, then this is a must have.