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Is this serious? - 50%

ihateyou, September 27th, 2006

So after being a Priest fan, although not a huge fan, for awhile I decided to check out what Halford was doing after Painkiller. What a mistake that was. I was expecting something along the lines of greatness of Painkiller, what I got was generic 90's sludge. The most accurate description is somewhere between Corrosion Of Conformity and Trendkill era Pantera.

Basically everything that makes an album not good is on here. The songs all sound EXACTLY alike. I mean it's hard to tell when one song ends and another begins. This makes it very boring after about two songs. There are basically no lead guitars. This makes for a generic groove feel because, frankly the riffs are nowhere near good enough to stand on their own. 90's influence runs rampamnt here and that is not a good thing. There is a reason metal was dead in the 90's, among other things, 90's metal lost its balls. It became very uncool play fast, have good solos, play more than three riffs, or have anything about the music make the listener have an intense reaction.

Onto Halford's voice. My god man what happened? There are no falsetto screams to be found. Halford was always known for them and that's what made him awsome. He replaced them with very empty sounding cleanish vocals. And to top it off there are irritating "atmospheric" effects put on the vocals.

Everything about this album is just so boring. Nothing jumps out and grabs me. The melodies, be it vocal or guitar, are just there and do nothing interesting. The riffs are generic and not even well played. The drums are a simple as they could be, surprising given who actually plays them. The bass completely follows the rhythm guitar and isn't worth mentioning. So if you like boring as fuck 90's sludge/groove you might like this. If you liek real Heavy Ficking Metal, stay away.