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Ugh, this is crap. - 10%

PhantomLord86, October 20th, 2007

I don't know what was Rob thinking when he decided to do this, but this is the worst record that he has done (Priest made even worse albums, but without him).

Or maybe he was possessed, I don't know. What I know for sure is that this album is pure 90's metal, and while not as complete monkey-feces as Pantera, it still has huge amounts of groove, electronic effects and other stupid influences.

Look at the second track for example, starting with those stupids effects and then the down-tuned guitars (SHIT! No! Please Rob, not you!!) come in playing a very groovy riff and then going start-stop Pantera-like... sorry, but this is non aggresive utter shit. The speed knob was lost during the recording of this album, as all tracks are slow and plodding.

Also the lead playing department must have gone on vacation because there is very little lead work here. And when a lead is done, it is generally too short and aimless... just like most 90's metal (just look at the "solo" in Blowout in the Radio Room...). There are some good moments, like the start of "Legacy of Hate", but then it turns into a stupid groove/electronic effects fest that completely sucks. Even Rob's voice has been modified and doesn't go into the falsetto... I can't believe it. If this wasn't enough, the drums are completely dry and shallow, not exactly the way Scott sounded in Painkiller.

Just look at the line-up, with a guy that later appeared on Marylin Manson's band, you should "get it" and be warned about the content here.

I don't like writing such short reviews, but all these tracks sound exactly the same and you can hardly tell the difference between them.

Luckily Rob realised that this sucks and returned to real metal. But as of 1995, the metal god was dethronned.