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Festering Saliva > The Isle of Nightmares > Reviews > Noktorn
Festering Saliva - The Isle of Nightmares

what a gross name. just gross. - 74%

Noktorn, January 9th, 2011

Amazing- I've finally run across another throwback oldschool death metal album I actually enjoy. It's a rarity, you know, especially since most throwback death metal bands don't actually sound like the era they're emulating, but rather a weak parody of it. Festering Saliva have it right, making a nice mixture of early Floridian and Swedish styles on their debut album. Frankly, I can't think of a description that sounds more unappealing than that, but they're good! Honest!

The primary influences here seem to be old Morbid Angel ('Altars Of Madness' and thereabout) and the Stockholm sound of Entombed and Grave with hints of early Cannibal Corpse as well. A pretty wide set of influences to choose from. Festering Saliva like to take the more twisted sense of riffing from Morbid Angel, the thrashy overtones of 'Eaten Back To Life'-era Cannibal Corpse, and the general pacing and delivery (as well as production style) of the Swedeath bands to make a unified sound. I'm happy to say it works well; all the different styles juxtaposing averages them out into an album that vaguely reminds you of just about every oldschool death metal album in your collection without ever being a clone of one in particular.

More importantly, Festering Saliva can write very solid songs. The slightly atonal riffing derived from Morbid Angel meets a Stockholm sense of groove and pacing, with a prominent bass guitar forming a melodic undercurrent for the riffs and a wonderfully oldschool drum performance proving just enough variation while maintaining the slamming, unhinged feel of oldschool death metal. Even the guitar tone is a near perfect replication of the sound of albums like Dismember's 'Death Metal'- the only hint of modern influence here is instrumental precision. Hell, half the time I hear 'Postmortal Penetration' I think it's a forgotten Deicide from the self-titled sessions.

While this band is hardly reinventing the wheel, they're doing a hell of a lot better than nearly any band on Razorback or the next Incantation-worship project out of New York. Festering Saliva has a unique style along with a traditional and effective songwriting methodology, and your money should be going to them before Lord Gore.