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Brutality with BALLS - 92%

rusted_cage, May 19th, 2011

I discovered Fermento some years ago, probably before 'Insignia' was released, with 'Three murders' browsing the internet for extreme bands from my country, Spain. At the time I also knew the other ones you all might have in mind, such as Avulsed, Machetazo or Haemorrhage, but this totally blew off my head. At the beginning you can tell a lot of influences from the NYDM dirty underground: really early Disgorge, Disgorged or Repudilation to mention a few. In fact, "Immortal fervour of desire" sounds a lot like one of the Repudilation's demo tracks, but I'd rather consider it a subconscious trick since Robert mentions the band in the booklet acknowledgements. There's some black metal feeling on it too, even some vocals sound raw in some kind of Abbath's way, i.e. on the "I am still the lone revengeful wolf" song. By the way, Fermento would later use this influences again for the 'Insignia' album, which has a bunch of BM elements too. Also it's good to see a death metal band touching interesting issues on their lyrics, generally with a misanthropical, violent and elitist view on mankind with a survival-of-the-strongest look very clear.

And one of the strongest points of the album is the dirty and raw production that fits with its contents perfectly. Robert's voice is ├╝ber-guttural, maybe you won't follow the lyrics very well but it's by far one of the most brutal ones in the current scene. The solos are sick too and they sound pretty original, with a dark and twisted approach.

It's hard to choose the CD highlights since all the songs are crushing, but probably I'd pick up "Gardens of maturity" as my favourite because it's the song that really got me on their music and "Murder in mind", a real classick. "Symbols of decrepitude" has got catchy heavy riffs and some of the best lyrical lines ("you are not so fucking morbid, you don't like bathing in blood, you don't like smelling the tombs, you don't want to hear the bombs"). Finally, "Never forget the rains" is just epic.

The edition of 'Symbols of decrepitude...' issued by Goremania has been OOP for some years but thank Ablated Recs. from USA it's easier to get along with the demo 'Fervour of the impure' and 'The shining' promo with the 'Three murders' compilation. That one is OOP too but browsing eBay or some distros (maybe the band has got some copies left too) you'll easily find it.

If you're easily turned on by Crucifix (Tx), Killing Addiction, Internal Bleeding, Pyrexia, Embalmer... demos and earliest works you'll be able to comprehend this album of pure brutality mixed with that obscure feeling that drives you insane. Go and get this right now since I'm bloody sure it's one of the best Spanish releases ever, at least for me it really is. FUCK SOME PROSTITUTES!!!