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This is a black metal detonation - 92%

Nojoch Akab, January 21st, 2013

This album is called "Nueva Sangre" and has no mercy. Although Feretro, the band, actually has ten years of training, this is their debut album. I did not know them until the oral tradition introduced me to the good reviews that were generating between metalheads.

The musical approach is clear. This is aggressive black metal with the speed trends without breaks. From the first song "La Tierra de Satán" begins his dark detonation with diverse and creative riffs. The drums sound quick, desperate, though sometimes imperceptible. Ram's voice becomes more nearby to death metal genre, but then changes and tears in the classical black metal way. "La Tierra de Satán" is an excellent beginning, abundant in shades of harmonies that combine elements of death and black metal genres.

"El Diablo" is the best song for me, because it has rhythm changes that enable diversification of riffs; contains very fortunate moments, such as when the song stops, the singer says a few words in Spanish and then the music restarts with more power and fury. The ending is also great because the band leaves a nice melodic sequence with guitar sounds and a chorus of voices clearer, which gradually lengthen and gives way to an extraordinary end to the black metal genre. No doubt, this song is memorable, and is a true musical achievement.

The album's lyrics are in Spanish, its theme is blasphemy in all its power, contains tones bellicose and eager for revenge. In my opinion, this lyrical aggression adds strength to the music and makes me remember the first Dissection and also Unanimated, two classic black metal bands that were also characterized by aggressiveness and speed. Feretro apparently betrays the influences of these two historical monsters, but in itself is a very original band. The songs "Fuego" and "La Legión del Abismo" are excellent examples of originality, because they include rhythmic thrash metal lapses. As if this were not enough, "Fuego", also displays melodic passages that enrich the musical again. I've always despised bands who deny the use of melodies, as if the melodies removed the black metal aggression. Instead, Féretro shows us once again that melodic passages can make the music sound more aggressive and hellish.

Anyway, the public will say other opinions, I can only say: Cursed Féretro has finally come to the detonation of black metal! If you like music without breaks, full of profanity and warlike emotions, this is your album, this is what you were looking for. You will enjoy it from beginning to end; it's a fucking guarantee and an excellent debut.